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Welcome to Roy Hunter's Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy website!Whether you are seeking clinical hypnotherapists, self-hypnosis training, or whether you are a professional seeking hypnosis training, you can BENEFIT from my many years of professional hypnosis experience dating back to 1983. ) My work is based on the work of Charles Tebbetts, who taught client-centered hypnosis and hypnotherapy.Read only one false-accusation case, and you will feel misery and anger at what bureaucrats are capable of inflicting on parents. is bugging her socks or that a satanic cult forced her to bear a child that was half human and half dog, must she (and we) likewise assume that "it probably really happened"?To further confuse the issue, the reality of the victimization of children is being obscured by a chorus of adults clamoring that they were victims too -- if not as children, then as infants; if not in this life, then in a previous one. The sexual-abuse-victim story crystallizes many of society's anxieties about the vulnerability of children, the changing roles of women and the norms of sexuality.Sue Blume's "Secret Survivors." To read these handbooks is to learn that almost any problem you have may be an indicator of abuse. Blume offers a 34-item "incest survivors' after effects checklist" of symptoms, which range from fear of being alone in the dark to multiple personality disorder -- with phobias, arthritis, low self-esteem, wearing baggy clothes, the desire to change one's name and sexual difficulties in between. Engel, the checklist includes feeling ugly and worthless, having a tendency to apologize inappropriately, feeling like a failure, jeopardizing chances of success, feeling helpless, having problems with sex or in relationships. The other side, primarily committed to protecting adults, is concerned that in the contemporary hysteria too many innocent adults are being unjustly accused.

Low self confidence is really the over amplification of fear. Most people incorrectly believe that wealth is reserved for the lucky or the corrupt.

While I wrote many of them, a number of articles are available that were submitted by experienced practitioners and experts in the hypnosis profession.

Also note the link to my I am available to give presentations and facilitate workshops.

* You have no sense of your own interests, talents or goals. The trouble is that the same list could be used to identify oneself as someone who loves too much, someone who suffers from self-defeating personality disorder, or a mere human being in the late 20th century.

The list is general enough to include everybody at least sometimes. "The Courage to Heal" is the bible of the incest-recovery movement. TO want to throw a small wrench into the abuse-survivor machine is like opposing censorship of pornography: nowadays, you feel you have to apologize for any support you might be providing to molesters, rapists, pedophiles and other misogynists.

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