Dating singles in nairobi mary kay dating young boy

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If you cannot maintain a sizeable number of vital friends and family members as friends on your facebook, twitter, etc accounts, then you need to close the account and focus with your offline life.

A poster advertising an upcoming speed dating event has caught the eye of the ever excitable Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

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The ‘wannabe’ expat He is the one Kenyan guy that only has expat friends.

Hence only dates expats and does like the expat does…local girls are still wondering how to get him to pay attention to them.

Well because I can give them my low down dirty truth about Nairobi and its NON EXISTENT yes I said non existent dating scene (as far as I and 8 other girls are concerned). You know how am always telling you about how I love the men in my life for the lessons and “special” love they are always imparting on me? Oh yes, I got it, I love the men in my life: Nairobi edition BECAUSE, well they make me appreciate the past men in my life and anticipate the future ones too.

So yes 8 out of 10 girls I know think that Kenya, Nairobi needs an injection of Men, not males, not boys MEN! They make me see that there can always be worse out there… And if you feel am exaggerating, then show me different The observer He will sit at the bar all night…OBSERVING you. Always, but will never approach you and will not even buy you a drink. He could have been picked straight out of a music video with the stylist forgetting to adjust his accoutrement…He talks to you in an accent that you can’t quite identify…

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