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I don't even like Facebook I only use it because everyone I know uses it.I'd much rather use Google Same thing here, not only the bloody banner, with time it says I will not aaccess the messages AT ALL.Than go to the Facebook app use settings button and tick out Auto-Update. Anyone who has a pulse can see this app is asking for WAY TOO MUCH control over our cell phones. Now I have made a shortcut on my phone to the FB URL, and peruse FB that way.

Is there any way to get this bloody banner of my screen??? Just go to your's Google Play app and Uninstall Update. I read your terms of use for the messenger app you are attempting to force me to download and it's scary. Loads of people are complaining and don't like it but felt they didn't have a choice. It'll take something special to budge Facebook off the top, but they should watch themselves as there have been plenty of others swept off the top spot before them, and should something good enough come along, the more hacked off their users are, the more likely they are to jump ship. I had deleted the Messenger app several weeks before the prompt began to appear on my Facebook app.

But when she left the room, the vibe was very "Someone give that lady a show, STAT!

It was clear Amy wasn't meant to play an innocent Juicy Couture lover obsessed with emoji — even if her Meatpacking District club lingo was the funniest shit I had ever heard.

I didn't have to get inside her purse to see, because she's done it like a fireworks display: urgent, beautiful, impossible to look away from.

It would be easy as pie to write an ode to what Amy Schumer has done for comedy over the past five years, for storytelling and for the grand old cause of feminism.

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