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If you are lucky enough than workaround methods will be able to resolve your problem, else you might need to have some soldering experience in order to get tings fixed on your own.

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There is nothing more annoying than when somebody craps all over your space. If it’s a pain in the ass to work with, it shouldn’t be your start page in the first place.You can start up to 25 files (waiting or downloading), more will get you blacklisted, you can have hundred's STOPPED in transfer screen, (in options/files check "start next paused file when download finishes", STOPPED counts as paused and emule will keep working, use categories make emule work on a series of files..On a 512/128 adsl connection my emule was pulling 130gb a month thru line..... Zygryd quit your whining if you don't want it then don't download it, this program is very good for rare ISO's etc that you can't get on torrents and with a 246k download (2mg donnection) you can get nearly 3/4 that amount on emule providing you configure it properly.This approach means that e Mule can connect with e Donkey2000 clients and vice versa.According to many, e Mule has already passed e Donkey in terms of features and usability.

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