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"I've never had a rape case successfully prosecuted based only on sounds, and without credible victims and witnesses," Snedden said.

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The focus was on Spanier, but to do that investigation properly, Snedden, a PSU alum himself, had to unravel a big mess at his old alma mater.By going back eleven years, to 2001, when Mike Mc Queary made his famous trip to the Penn State locker room.Where Mc Queary supposedly heard and saw a naked Jerry Sandusky cavorting in the showers with a young boy. In the beginning, Snedden said, Mc Queary "told people he doesn't know what he saw exactly." Mc Queary said he heard "slapping sounds" in the shower, Snedden said.Dating is a tricky business, but here are some guidelines that'll keep you successful and in the mix!By Ralph Cipriano for Big When he was investigating cold cases for NCIS, Special Agent John Snedden knew you always have to start from the beginning. "And let's go back to square one, to the source of the original allegation, to determine whether it's credible." On the Penn State campus in 2012, with national security at stake, that's just what Special Agent Snedden did on behalf of the U. His assignment against the backdrop of the so-called Penn State sex abuse scandal was to determine whether former Penn State President Graham Spanier deserved to have his high-level national security clearance renewed.

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