Non drinker dating

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UGH, BEER BREATHIf you're female and have a pulse, odds are high that a drunk guy has tried to kiss you.

Well I am kind of a person who you can get along with I have a great sense of humour try make people around me happy and just be there self my personality is try to put a smile on people face and not life very ..

You both just arrived, and you're both pulsating, clearly, with nerves and excitement.

A good stiff drink should help to take the edge off, right?

Write with personal warmth as if you are talking directly to a real person (because you are). If I was to list some of my interests they would include: meeting up with friends, taichi, creating new business ideas, joking around, non-conformism, kundalini yoga, microsoft excel, osho leela, fashion, smiling, buddhi..

Include your values and opinions in a positive way.

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