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HHS has provided the required guidance and therefore unsecured PHI now is defined (paraphrased and annotated) as follows: 13402(h): unsecured PHI* means PHI that is not secured through: 1) encryption; and/or 2) destruction–as provided by HHS guidance.

Methods must render PHI “unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable” to unauthorized individuals (see HIPAA Security Rule & NIST standards).

This subsection does not:(1) limit the ability of the student to enroll in additional electronic courses at the student's cost; or(2) apply to a student enrolled in a full-time online program that was operating on January 1, 2013.(d) Notwithstanding Subsection (c)(2), a school district or open-enrollment charter school that provides an electronic course through the state virtual school network under Chapter 30A shall make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the enrollment of a student in the course under special circumstances.(e) A parent may appeal to the commissioner a school district's or open-enrollment charter school's decision to deny a request to enroll a student in an electronic course offered through the state virtual school network.

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The definitions of "Secretary", "Register", and "Register system" are omitted as surplus because the complete name of the Secretary of Transportation and the National Driver Register are used the first time the terms appear in a section.

PHR (personal health records) vendors include companies like Google and Microsoft.

These are "cloud computing" offerings that allow consumers/patients to track their own health information.

EHR vendors are also offering cloud solutions as discussed here.

Individuals still cannot bring a civil action but clearly will now have more financial incentive to file a HIPAA complaint.

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