Sql procedure loop while updating records using cursors

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*/ BEGIN /* Executable section: procedural and SQL statements go here.

*/ /* This is the only section of the block that is required.

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The protocol requires that the client flush the results from the first query before it can begin another query.

(Of course, this is a contrived example, intended to demonstrate the failure mode.

Query the #tmp table to verify the insert as shown below.

sql procedure loop while updating records using cursors-61

sql procedure loop while updating records using cursors-80

sql procedure loop while updating records using cursors-26

Create table #tmp ( Sales Order ID int, Order Qty int ) GO --simple cursor in sql server Declare @orderid int, @orderqty int -- declare a cursor DECLARE insert_cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT Sales Order Id, Order Qty from Sales.

To be safe, instead of hard coding the type of a variable, you should use the This program has no effect when run, because there are no changes to the database.

This app is an All-In-One package to provide everything to HANA Lovers. Courses on SAP HANA - Basics, Modeling and Administration 2. Cursors are defined after the signature of the procedure and before the procedure’s body.

You should do this as cursors cannot be optimized the same way SQL can.

In this example, we need to update the sales price of each record.

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