Tutorial on php dating script 27

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To get spotlight or rise up in search, your user needs to buy credits from you.

Stay afloat with the additional revenue while your users feel the Super Power with advanced functionalities.

This variable indicate who is the administrator of the forum based on it username.

Social Match is a Premium dating script with an unique design featuring a new style of dating sites.

(Everything outside these tags is sent straight to the browser as-is.) This line of code is very simple.

It uses a built-in function, ) after the PHP code — you need to put a semicolon after each line of code in your PHP scripts.

To create your script, you'll need to use a text editor program.

In this tutorial, you get to play with PHP and create your very first PHP script.

Along the way you'll learn some important basic concepts of PHP.

The CSS Certificate documents your knowledge of advanced CSS.

The Java Script Certificate documents your knowledge of Java Script and HTML DOM.

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