Who is raj dating on big bang theory

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Here’s our rundown of all the Theory-isms that continue to keep the CBS sitcom churning after all these years.

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Unless of course her name is Penny Penny Penny, and Sheldon's knocks make more sense. Fans can't get enough of Sheldon and his gang of geeky pals.Ahead of the CBS show's season eight finale airing in the UK next month, we've put together a collection of awesome facts about the sitcom that you might not have known, from the meaning behind Sheldon's shirts to the origins of 'Soft Kitty'.Sheldon does whatever he can to convince Amy to go along - those measures which would normally excite her - but she resists to the best of her ability if only because of what the end result would be.Meanwhile, Raj has met a woman, Issabella, at the university to who he is attracted, and who he would like to start dating.

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