Writing dating quiz

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I was also thought to be the ideal teacher, which is to say patient, thoughtful, trustworthy, caring. And then—well, this is what happened: I don’t remember the dinner clearly, except that at some point in the early fall of 1956 I was talking with a man named Albert Freedman, who knew a friend of mine.Freedman was about my age, suave and well dressed—certainly no bohemian, like most of my friends.He asked me what I thought of “Tic Tac Dough.”I didn’t have a television set in those days, but I knew that Al Freedman was in the TV business.And I’d certainly heard about the game shows, where people could win a lot of money.Or maybe you think things will suddenly snap back into place one day and you’ll feel that same sense of euphoria that you did in the beginning.

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